Monday, February 9, 2009

I first started Snowboarding at the age of ten. Living in the country and only 5 minutes away from the hills I had a great advantage into the sport. Most of my friends where snowboarders too. Even if the ski hills where closed we would go down to the old bridge and make our own jumps and rails. We use to all jump on this huge toboggan and ride it over the jumps and the last one standing would win a bag of candy. Me being the only girl in our tiny little town all the parents where worried that i would be the one to get hurt. Lets just say i proved them wrong. To this day I am still snowboarding and try to get out on the slopes as much as I can.


Snowboarding is great for everyone young or old. If you love that adrenaline rush and the freedom to express yourself in the snow then ask yourself: why not try snowboarding? Snowboarding is like art, the way you carve in the snow or move your body can create an image that some people would call art. People like to ride in the parks because they can pull off big tricks and get huge air. Snowboarding is all about technique and everyone is different. So people just like to carve down the hill and others like to go to the extreme and get as much air as possible.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Snowboarding History

In the 1950's Snowboarding Was initiated by a few surfers who used self made boards to show off their skills in the sno. It wasn't until the 1960's when a man named Sherman Poppen made the "Snurfer". The snurfer was a split between a plywood sled and a skateboard deck. Poppen attached a rope to the front so that the rider could control the board. There were also steel tacks through the upper deck to hold the riders feet in place. Sherman Poppen originally made the snurfer for his daughter as a toy. During this time snowboarding only appealed to small groups of surfers and skateboarders. Snowboarding was very much frowned upon by skiers. Snowboarders were not allowed to ride the same regular slopes as skiers. They had to use all the back country hills. As snowboarding became more and more popular in the 1970's and 1980's snowboarding experts Dimitrije Milovich a surfer from the east coast and Jake Burton a carpenter had come up with new ideas and materials to create the snowboard, snowboard bindings, and other equipment we know and use now in days. Today snowboarding is now accepted as skiing is. People have predicted that by 2015 the number of snowboarders will over take the number of skiers by a huge percentage. Snowboarding is all about the adrenaline rush the freedom to express yourself in the form of a sport. Snowboarding made it's first big official debut in the 1998 Winter Olympic Games in Japan. After the olympics snowboarding has become a booming sport.